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Happy Birthday Peter Phelan – Best Boss Ever

Friendly! This was my first impression when I met him. He came as the new CEO at the company where I work, replacing the previous CEO that had resigned. Over time I have become more familiar with this leader figure in my office, and he reminded me of someone who has taught me a lot about working in business. Lets just say that person is my mentor. I feel like very lucky person! After I met that someone who taught me many things so well, now I found another person just like him working as the CEO in this place where now I’ve been working for more than 8 years! Peter Phelan, that’s who he is called, a figure who for me not only as someone who lead this company, but moreover as a mentor for us who work closely with him.

When I read a book called ‘The Innovator’ I feel even much more lucky to have him as my CEO. In that book one of the things I learned is that no matter how good we are, if we are not given any chance to grow then everything will be meaningless, just like Chris Langan, who is so clever but didn’t have the chance or a supportive environment to be a so-called “successful person”.

How lucky I am to know Peter Phelan because he is a man who gives many opportunities to his people to show their work and idea, or to be more precise, giving them the ‘stage’ in many situation. This include myself… maybe in other companies I cannot be where I am now due to my educational background. But through Peter Phelan I can be someone like I am today.

That is a very expensive opportunity, but a Peter Phelan gave it generously because of his very kind heart.


And today is his birthday, and with all humility please let some of us show how thankful we are by saying Happy Birthday.

Sarah Nathasa

Mr. Peter John Phelan, hhmmm…why should I say about this man. Flash back to nine years ago (WOW…. NINE Years!!), when I get a job offered to working with Bapak, still crystal clear in my mind that I almost cancel my decision to work with him because I was too nervous to working with a bule boss. But now I’m happy that I made a good decision, and here I am…. Still working with this wonderful man.

My Bapak, yes He is my Bapak…. He look after and cares about me like a family, like a bestfriend. I never forget how many times an opportunity he gave to me, how many times he helping me in every situation. He teach me about life and change me a lot… my character, my behavior, even my outfit style hehehe…sometimes makes me bankrupt because from him I know many good and expensive stuff hahaha….

I know we have an argument sometimes, but how mad I am, how angry I am to Bapak, still I love him as my Bapak, my boss and my bestfriend.

Friends who know us says…we are like Tom and Jerry (the cat and dog cartoon movie…. In case you forget Pak J) love each other, hate each other hahaha… joking la!

So many words that I can say about my Bapak, but the very important thing is…. I’m happy that I know him in my life, working for him is the best decision that I ever made. I’m very grateful for working with the world’s greatest boss and earn a friend who’s always there to help.

Ooohhh…don’t forget, when I’m get marry someday….you are the one who will give my hand to my future husband, remember that Pak! And I’m very very serious about it hahaha…

So Bapak….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope today is fabulous and wishing you a day that’s as special as you are!!

Much much love for you…

Vitri Aldilah

The success I’ve had in my career is due in no small part to your support and encouragement. I appreciate you so much and value everything that I have learned from you. I would like to show my profound gratitude for the experience that I’ve gained from you. You have been an exemplary boss! It’s not easy to find a true leader to look up to, so it’s been a wonderful experience to work with a great boss like you. I  would like to say that you’re the best boss we could ever have dreamed of working with. Thank you for your support and inspiration!

Happy birthday to an amazing boss and an even more amazing individual! have a magnificent birthday

May you live to be 100 and may you never retire J We like you too much.. We don’t want to lose you. Hahaha

And of course wish you healthy always, a long, satisfying, and successful career. But that’s not all! We also wish you a life filled with joy. It’s only fair — you’ve made mine so great!

Big hug and love

Rachella J Kencana

You are truly one of the most amazing figure that I know for life. I will always remember my first meeting with you at your office in one rainy day in November 2009. A meeting that truly change my whole life. I am very sure that I will still be stuck in a very structural office environment working as a common worker if I wasn’t given the chance to work with you. I’m so grateful to know you in my life, to be able to work with you… to be given the chances to show my capacity… and even more to show that I can do much much more beyond what I could imagine to do. You really bring out the best in me! The past 7 years has moved you from being just a boss, to become someone I respected, a mentor, a role model, and truly a friend for life.

Happy happy birthday, Sir! Wishing you a very successful, prosperous, joyful, happy, and healthy life ahead. Hope that today be a day that’s as special as you are.

PS: enjoy the day as much as you can because at least today you get me to listen to everything you say word by word and not trying to annoy you and making any funny faces ^___^

With much love,

Nik Ratmini

Happy Birthday Pak Peter. Knowing you is a good luck to me. You are a role model of my life, someone that so patiently dealing with so many of us with so many different characters, someone who continuously giving us opportunities to be successful in getting our expectation. I always pray that good health, goodness and ease may always be with you.

With much Love,

With love from us

Once more… Happy Birthday, Pak! Keep up the good spirit, keep being a figure that giving opportunities for many others.




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